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Hevea Collection

AYS offers a comprehensive collection of natural latex and hemp mattresses as a natural alternative to traditional mattresses. These mattresses are unique as they can be made with two sides, providing a customized sleep experience.


Hemp and latex are natural ingredients that come together to create a luxurious and eco-friendly mattress.


5 Mattresses are in the collection

Lorien and Kimon mattresses are made with natural latex and hemp and have soft wool in the quilt. The Poppy, Meadow, and Willow mattresses in the collection are coil, latex, wool, and hemp mattresses, designed for people who prefer active support.

Wow, where do I begin? ok! inside!

Natural Latex, with its undeniable comfort and support, lets you drift off into peaceful slumber night after night, year after year.  A Natural Latex mattress is more durable, more comfortable, more supportive and, not to mention, longer lasting, than air, polymer and memory foam mattresses. Latex is uplifting light and airy; it provides you with a pressure-free sleep surface thus providing you with longer deeper more restful sleep.
We've also added a substantial layer of Wool for additional coziness and support. Wool is amazing at temperature regulation due to its natural wicking properties.
Hemp fabric is a type of textile that is manufactured by using fibers from the stalks of the cannabis sativa plant. This plant has been recognized as a source of extraordinarily tensile and durable textile fibers. Hemp is regarded to possess antibacterial activity against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, making it one of the healthiest mattresses on the market. Our hemp is SO SOFT, SO Durable. It contributes greatly to the comfort and life span of your mattress. Your mattress will not only last longer and perform better, but it will also remain COMFORTABLE longer.

Kimon Mattress


poppy meadow


meadow mattress


willow mattress


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