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Carpe Diem Collection

Women Empowerment Collection 

Adjust Your Sleep is a store designed for women, offering a comfortable and friendly environment for them to shop for mattresses. The store recognizes that purchasing a mattress is an intimate health-related purchase and strives to create an atmosphere where women can feel comfortable expressing their needs.

AYS is dedicated to empowering women by educating them about the significance of sleep and self-care. We aim to be strong advocates for women in business and support their endeavors. 


The collection is designed for all women, providing intuitive support for curves, and is supportive, luxurious, strong, and cost-effective.

empower mattress


Empower (F) Your world fundamentally influences who you become.
Empower is a 14.5-inch firm Euro pillow top mattress designed for stomach sleepers who prefer a firm sleep surface. It features a brick-shaped pattern to enhance firmness and is not recommended for other sleeping positions.

inspire mattress


Inspire (P ET) When you inspire others, they, in turn, inspire you, creating a positive cycle of inspiration and motivation.  The Inspire 13.5-inch mattress offers a medium level of comfort, bridging the gap between plush and firm. It features a Euro top for added comfort and is designed to provide restful sleep, leaving sleepers refreshed and ready to inspire others.

journey mattress


Journey (PB) The rewards lie in the journey, not the destination
Journey is a 16-inch mattress designed for comfort and restorative sleep. It features a box top pillow top infused with copper latex for pressure relief. The mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers, particularly side sleepers.

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